Kenwood Country Club

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The Kenwood Country Club opened in 1930 with a two-story English Tudor clubhouse. KCC is one of the premier private clubs in the Cincinnati area, but is constantly updating its facilities to improve operations and maintain its elite status as a ‘best of class.’

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Results of the Renovation

It boasts a 36-hole championship golf course, putting green, driving range, tennis complex, and resort-style pool. KCC hired MSA to provide design services for a variety of renovation projects including a Clubhouse Tavern, the relocation and creation of a ‘resort-style’ recreation and competition pool, the addition of fitness facilities, additional terraces overlooking the golf course, refreshment amenities along the golf course, expanded racket building for the tennis complex, and a parking master plan. The design goal of each of these improvements was to create more flexible comfortable spaces Respecting the traditional architectural style of the Clubhouse, each space reflects the original clubhouse in design and detail.

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