Miami Township Fire Station 29

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Miami Township is located in Clermont County, just east of Cincinnati.

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Master Plan in Motion

The Township is primarily residential, but has pockets of commercial development concentrated in the middle of the township and at the north and southwest extremities. Most calls for fire and EMS service tend to be in the center of the Township where multifamily housing and retirement communities are located. The central station is located in the center of the district, but there are many times when either the North Station or the South Station needs to respond to calls in the middle of the Township because the Central Station is out on a call. MSA looked at where the concentrations of calls are historically, and which stations end up responding to them. Using this information, proposed four-station and five-station configurations were generated, reusing existing stations where possible. The resulting maps can be used as a master plan that can be implemented over time as funds become available, as densification occurs, and as the population ages resulting in more EMS calls.

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Results of the Renovation

MSA worked with the township to create an efficient, cost effective design solution that begins to develop a new image for the township while enhancing the character of the neighborhood. Material selections were based on long-term durability and minimal maintenance while avoiding an institutional look.

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