Northwood Health Systems

Behavioral Health Center
Northwood Project Description

MSA has developed a relationship with M&G, providing design, planning, and market expertise do a number of projects in the Wheeling, West Virginia area.

Safety and comfort for the patients and staff at Northwood were our top priority while designing the space.

Northwood Rendering2

Bringing the Outside In

As both an inpatient and outpatient facility, the building planning and design accommodates a series of competing needs within an urban context. By using a natural color palette for the interior finishes as well as bringing light into the center of the building with clerestory windows, a warm and welcoming environment is throughout the center with access to daylight and views to the exterior.

Northwood Rendering3

High Safety Standards

M&G Architects and Engineers teamed with MSA Design for the design of a new inpatient and outpatient mental health facility. As Design Architect and Behavioral Health Design Consultant, MSA is responsible for the overall design concept and planning of the facility. MSA provided building design, interior planning and layout, material recommendations, and code compliance. Safety of the patients and staff was achieved with clear sight lines to all patient areas on the in-patient floor. Finishes were held to a high standard of safety and durability before they were considered for this project.

Northwood Rendering 4