Cincinnati Reds

The Handlebar
Reds Han 10 N16 large10x10 - Project Description

In preparation for the 2015 MLB All Star game, the Cincinnati Reds charged MSA Sport with the task of breathing new life into the original-to-the-stadium, 15 year old Riverfront Club concept.

MSA responded by removing a large wall of glass, allowing the sounds of the ballpark to infiltrate the club, and helping to transform the formerly sterile, white table-clothed interior into premium, tiered seating pods with luxurious custom-designed “thrones.” The bar and lounge received a makeover as well. Playing upon the history of the ball club, the space was rebranded, “The Handlebar” and received new graphics, finishes, custom furniture, and a new handle-bar shaped concrete and decorative metal bar with a matching wood-slatted soffit suspended above. Cutting edge audio / video technology was then incorporated to create an experience unlike anything in the stadium. The project was completed for Opening Day, 2015.

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